Grateful and Hopeful

Today was the day!  We officially submitted our formal application!!!

It feels like we have finally reached the start line.  After months of preparation (prayer, research, decisions, paperwork), we have finally entered the actual process.

A couple mornings ago, I mailed off our signatures on the Notice of Privacy Practices we received, as well as our (drumroll, please) formal application fee…


Up until today, we still had just one piece of information left to fill in on our lengthy, I mean thorough, formal application.  The rest of it was ready to go in our online portal, just waiting to be submitted.  When Trey obtained that missing info today, I nearly jumped out of my skin!  All that was left was to type it in…

One click of the mouse shot our application into cyberspace and straight into God’s hands.

If you were wondering what this part of the process looks like, it’s kind of like this:


thumbs up!

It feels like SUCH an important day — and yet life is going right along as usual.  There was no cheer or song that suddenly came on in our living room.  The sun coming through the window didn’t begin glowing supernaturally brighter to recognize the occasion.  It’s the strangest thing…  I’m assuming it might feel like when a pregnant woman first sees the strip show up positive on the test: It’s the biggest and BEST news on the planet… and, at the same time, no one yet knows any different!

Well, maybe it’s not quite to that point yet.  Maybe it will be like that once we actually receive a referral.  But for now I feel like I’m holding the BIGGEST excitement until we receive word that it is accepted and we can begin our home study (and THEN be on our way to a referral!).  I’m really hoping that will happen, but until then our hands are left wide open… Grateful and hopeful.

We can’t wait to see what He does.


{In light of the recent Boston Marathon bombings, I am wearing my Wrightsville Beach Marathon t-shirt.  Today just so happens to also be the day that one of the two suspected terrorists was killed, and there is a manhunt for the other one.  As Boston continues to be in our prayers, close to my mind and heart is the indomitable runner’s spirit, the resiliency and “united”ness that marks us as a nation in the face of tragedy, and our call as Christians to reach others until the whole world hears (every nation and every lost person)…  Praying for all those affected and trusting in the One whose goodness and love prevails.} 


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  1. Love the new website. I think its great that you’re documenting the process. I know it will guide and inspire others :) SO excited about this Em & Trey!!! Can’t wait to have a little neice or nephew!!! Love you guys!

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