In the Meantime

We’ve been given a diversion!  MAN our agency knows their stuff.  Since submitting our formal application almost a week ago, we have now been presented with a few things to complete while we wait to hear if we’ve been accepted.

A.k.a.: Distract them, distract them!!!

Just kidding.  But I, for one, am very thankful for “something to do” in the meantime (stuff that has to get done anyway).  Having these things to focus on is going to be very good for me.  Otherwise, my hands would be fidgety, my mind would wander, and every day before hearing if our application has been approved would feel like an eternity!

Nice work, guys.  Nice work.

Currently on our list of to-do’s are:

  • Criminal background checks (good to know they do these, right?),
  • Personal Statements of Faith (always good to have to stop and articulate what you believe about what you believe!), and our…
  • Personal Profiles (so far, I can easily see mine becoming 20+ typed pages — WHO KNEW there could possibly be that much to say about my life, who I am, how I grew up, and how I view things?!).

As the paperwork continues, we are so excited to move forward in the process and be given the opportunity to assess some really important questions and issues…

Even if I have the attention span of a Golden Retriever with this application stuff.



One response

  1. Yay!!! You are really doing it!!! They will give you LOTS of paperwork to fill out. My advice is to keep copies of EVERYTHING you submit to them. You will be asked the same questions over and over again (it will feel like) and consistency on your answers is good. Besides that–some things may get lost in the mix and be requested again, happened to me many times. I am so happy to see what God does, now that you two have officially made the leap of faith in beginning the process!!!

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