Welcome, family and friends!

I assume you are here because you recently received one of these…


We’re so glad you’re here!!!

Some of you may have already known that we were considering adoption.  For some of you, this is a complete surprise!  Either way, we are so happy to announce that we are in the adoption process.  It is our hope and prayer to expand our family in this way (if it is also God’s will), and so we really appreciate your prayers for us.  We recently received word from our agency, Bethany Christian Services, that they accepted our application into their domestic infant adoption program.  So, we don’t have a referral for a child at this point (lots to complete before that can happen!), but we are on our way!

We can’t tell you what it means to have your support.  We hope our site will provide helpful answers to your questions, keep you updated along the way, and allow you to share in this journey with us.

Thank you for visiting us here.  Feel free to browse the tabs at the top.  For now, we have only sent our site to family and friends, but if you personally know someone who might be interested (or is interested in adopting and think our site might be helpful to them), please pass it along!!  We are very welcoming here. :)  Click the “Follow Us” button at the top right to receive our family updates (i.e., new posts) by e-mail.  And, of course, just ask if you have any questions!

Thanks again for being part of our story, our journey, and our lives.

We truly couldn’t feel more blessed!!!


{Fun fact: The location of the photo is downtown Wilmington, outside of Stemmerman’s Inn (taken with my regular, 5-year-old digital camera).  We were stopping to rest halfway through the Historic Home Tour over a beautiful Azalea Festival weekend.  Stemmerman’s is also where Trey’s family stayed the weekend of our wedding.}


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  1. I’ll see you soon, but I’m SO EXCITED for you guys!!! I cannot wait to hear how things progress for you, and we will keep you in our prayers!!

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