What Happens Next?

Wow!!!  Thank you for all of your amazing love and support so far!  We have been overwhelmed by your responses!!  I told Trey, seeing all of your responses has been such wonderful (and needed) reminders:

People are really, really praying for us….. and this is really, really happening. :)

Second to the number-one question we’ve received so far (which is: “How long will it take/what’s the expected timeframe?”), many of you have asked What Happens Next?, now that our application has been approved.  I didn’t get too detailed on that part in our “FAQ’s” tab above (by the way: don’t forget to check out those 4 tabs at the top – or “Menu” on your phone – for more info!!!), but I’ll be able to go more in depth here in our posts…

Well, to answer that question… We have been given LOTS to do at this point!

On that list includes three things I mentioned in a previous post: criminal background checks, personal statements of faith, and both of our personal profiles.

So, what exactly does a 21-page personal profile look like??


… a labor of love!!!

Hehe. :)

We also have several other things to complete for our family assessment (or “home study”), including a required meeting that is not taking place until this summer.  On that list of to-do’s up until that point are:

  • reference letters
  • drug screens and TB tests
  • financial statements
  • attending a General Infant Care Class (looking into this — maybe at the hospital?)
  • required reading (Raising Adopted Children by Lois Melina)
  • attending the required meetings
  • and all KINDS of other paperwork (won’t bore you here)

Once all of the above has been received and filed, and we attend that meeting this summer, we’ll be at the next stage of the journey.  We know that nothing is ever guaranteed, even then.  Our prayers are big but submitted to God’s plan.  IF our home study is approved, we’ll begin creating our Profile Book — which is basically our life in pictures.  I can’t wait!!  We will be given the opportunity to show what we are like, our hobbies and interests, who our support systems are, what our home looks like, and more.  The profile book will be shown to prospective birthparents, who have decided to make an adoption plan for their baby for when he/she is born and are looking to choose an adoptive family.

OK, I’m getting way ahead of ourselves!  I’m excited about all of it, haha!  I hope that helps give you an idea of where we are right now.  Somewhere in the middle of this I’m also doing other “first-time parent” things… which I have no idea are normal or not, and include but are not limited to…

  • all kinds of parenting research (like what to expect in the first year)
  • daydreaming
  • pinning nursery ideas on Pinterest, and
  • mindlessly wandering through the baby section at Target.

Hmmm.  Thank you for praying for us. :)


P.S.  Thanks also to Karen Perkins who may just have nicknamed our future little when she texted me: “So excited, happy, and full of love for you, Trey, and TBD!”  Ha! 


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