What an awesome start to our weekend!

{The first thing I should say is PRAISE GOD for Thursday’s successful kidney transplant surgery!!!  (See previous post.)  Thank you, everyone, for praying for little Stephen and for my cousin Kristin.  It went very well (what a miracle!), although both need lots of time to heal and recover… Prayers are still appreciated!!!}

To kick off the weekend (and this has nothing to do with adoption, or miracles), but yesterday began with our first pool day of the year… Which makes my girlfriends/coworkers and I say, Hallelujah!!

Feels. so. good.

feels. so. good.

Now for a real praise, we have completed THREE items on our adoption checklist toward our family assessment… which is reason in itself to celebrate!  (Still a long ways to go — in fact, at this point, I’m pretty much just telling Trey not to even look at the checklist.  I’m going to do as much as I can at least until after his conference this coming week and his mission trip to Guatemala another week after that.)  But still, it feels so good to cross things off and start making progress!

Luckily, we had plans to do dinner and a movie last night anyway… a little early celebration for the birthday boy. :)

Fun times at On the Border!

We celebrated over Mexican food and then caught the movie “42,” about Jackie Robinson…

Of course, if you know any one thing about Jackie Robinson, you know what this movie was about.  And it really hit close to home.  It makes me proud to know that Jackie “had the guts not to fight back” (The Gospel Coalition) — to turn the other cheek.  What an impact and legacy he left on this country.  I can’t imagine if someone had simply not given him that chance…

To me, the film was so much more than a movie.  It was about so much more than baseball.  It was more than about racism in general, and — if your mind is moving in a particular direction — it goes even deeper than the probability of us adopting a baby who is a minority.

It just makes me love Jesus that much more…

We’re off to my hometown for a night to have a few more celebrations.  Be blessed, and have a wonderful weekend!!!



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