Rabbit Trail

As we continue to work on our home study (or “family assessment”), I’ve realized that setting small goals and deadlines are going to be pretty helpful.  It can seem like a LOT when you look at it all at once — but simply to know we just have this and this to complete on any given week really helps…

They call this part of the process “the paper trail.”  What I have found instead is more like a rabbit trail.  And the one I’m on currently is called… “How to sign up for an infant care class”!!!!!


My first try was the hospital, which was recommended by our adoption specialist.  My sister told me that “how to care for a newborn” was pretty much included in her birthing classes at the hospital.  So that plus the direction from our specialist made me think this would be a breeze.  I would simply call and let them know I need the care part without the birthing part, and then sign us up for a fun, educational class with other expecting couples… Should be easy, right??

Bless their hearts, I don’t think anyone quite knew what to do with me!

Between two different phone calls and after speaking to [literally] eight different people, whomever seemed to be the “most” in charge of that sort of thing finally told me that, no, the hospital does not offer any such class.  (She did, however, recommend a local pediatrician’s office to call and offered a little encouragement for our journey.)

It all made me wonder… How DO people learn how to care for a newborn?  If you don’t already have children, and don’t have any babies in your family, is it left up to Google and trial-by-fire?  Well.  I’m sure we would figure something out eventually, but since taking a class (and getting a signature from our instructor) is required for our adoption process, I had to keep trying…

The pediatrician’s office was just as sweet and encouraging — but unfortunately they, too, offer no such thing.  The receptionist seemed at a loss for how to direct me from there, so I came up with the next logical option: the health department.  A-ha!  I called a couple different times and ended up leaving a voicemail with the person I thought would be the best fit for answering what I was asking (WOW, there is a lot of stuff on that website!).  In the meantime, I also sent an e-mail to our friends down at DSS (see back story here), just to see what they might have to offer.

When the health department called me back (no classes there either), they reassuringly pointed me to a place here in town called the Child Advocacy and Parenting Place (CAPP).  Surely we had found our match!  The people at CAPP were super nice and helpful… but they don’t offer any infant care classes either.  In her voicemail back to me, however, the lady said that she and another organization are investigating this for us.  (I kind of feel like we need to hire a detective or something!!)

So, what seemed to be one of the “easy” steps has turned into a little more… But I’m confident that between waiting to hear from CAPP, LifeLine, and DSS (and knowing that we can contact our adoption specialist at any time, once we’ve exhausted all resources), somebody will be able to offer what we need. :)

Hopping off the rabbit trail and back onto the paper trail… At this point in the process (since the last update of items completed) we have read, signed, made 3 copies, and mailed in: the Picture Consent Form (for our profile book), the Parental Discipline Policy (for example, in many cases with adoption and certainly for all foster parenting, spanking is not allowed by law), the Pregnancy and Adoption Statement, the Required Reading Form, and the Statement of Understanding- Changes in Family Status.  In other words… all the stuff you simply have to read (and discuss of course), then sign.  The lengthier items to complete will be for another day.

All in all, May has been pretty good to us.  We even had an impromptu beach date this past Saturday, as Trey had finished leading a conference for work the week before, and now has one week in between before leading a mission team to Guatemala.  We got to set aside all responsibilities, pull out our beach chairs, get a little sand between our toes, and just “be”…


It sure is nice to live on the coast.  The ocean is always there when we need it.  And the best part of all…?

No pesky wabbits. ;)



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