What If There Was A Baby?

There’s a fun little game I’ve been accidentally playing for a few weeks now.

It’s called:

What If There Was A Baby?

Basically you take any given, normal scenario… then ask yourself that question and see what would be changed.

Ha! :)

The answer is always “Everything”; usually “Glad I’m thinking about this now”; and sometimes… “Then this scenario probably wouldn’t be happening in the first place.”

A few weekends ago, Trey and I made a little visit home to my parents’ house to stay for a night.  One night.  Between our overnight bags, hanging church clothes, a small cooler, gifts bags with presents for Mother’s Day and one birthday, and various other items in the trunk and backseat, we both looked back from our seats up front and asked ourselves the million-dollar question:

What if there was a baby?

First of all, we seriously had to think about where the baby would go.  And, next, where all the baby’s stuff would go.  Like if there was literally a baby in this moment right now, what would we need to do to make this work?

That’s usually the other answer I’ve found, by the way — which is also one of the best answers in life in general:  “Make it work.”

So yesterday morning I’m at my sister’s house, after staying a night with her while Trey was still in Guatemala, super excited to cheer her on for her first 10K.  (I’m a runner, too, and THRILLED that my sis has caught the bug!!)

Alarm clock time?  5:00a.m.

No big deal.  I had a nice, overly comfy 45 minutes to wake up, lie in bed for a little bit before actually getting up, wash my face, change clothes, make breakfast, drink coffee…  Of course a “little bit” turned into about 10 full minutes… and suddenly I’m realizing that I’d need to change the site of my insulin pump before we leave (because I probably wouldn’t have enough insulin in the cartridge to last me until we got back)… and then of course you throw in the kitchen that doesn’t have any of the same drawers and cabinets as you with all of your stuff in it…

As our ride shows up, right on time, I found myself playing the game.  What if there was a baby?  Anyone who knows me well knows I am MRS. PUNCTUAL… of course a baby is going to fit in perfectly with that plan. ;)

The 7:00am start time was super fun to watch and be a part of (I love races!!!)… but as soon as my sister and her friend were out of sight, I had a good 50 minutes or so to wander through midtown Raleigh by myself before watching them cross the finish line.  And suddenly, 6 hours of sleep was feeling more like 2.

…What if there was a baby?

I’d like to think I’d be the hands-on mom, playing with her kids in the open, grassy courtyard between Starbucks and the farmers market at 7:05 in the morning.

The childless me, however, was face-planted into a nonfat vanilla latté.

But rocking the DSS foster/adopt cap!

(Always advocating for DSS foster/adopt, of course!)

Mmm… that’ll do it.  The latté, plus the perfect weather, and the yummy sample of a homemade lemon cake from a nearby stand at the farmers market, made this the most delightful 10K I’ve ever been a part of.  Naturally.

Meanwhile, these two moms of two (complete with real-life competing labor stories, shared like what’s-for-dinner on the way home), ROCKED OUT their 10K, finishing 2nd and 5th in their age group — starting out at a 7:56-min./mile pace!!!



These two moms (of two each) had trained together really hard to prepare for this race — even while they each have two kids at home (did I mention that?).

What if there was a baby…?

Thankful for those who have gone before, I received great pieces of advice from them for my own training, “post-baby”:  A double jogging stroller, that can transition from infant to toddler, with the ever-essential pivoting front wheel.  Mental check and check.

The afternoon was spent at the pool with my nephews, soaking up some sun and some more precious moments with them before I had to leave.  Pool days at our condo in Wilmington (nearly every Friday, that is) have been currently spent catching rays with girlfriends — all about the suntans and as much relaxation as possible.

What if there was a baby?

Eventually, it might look something like yesterday: lounge chairs traded in for easing into the cool cold water to go “surfing” on a mini boogie board, cheering like crazy for the best underwater bubbles ever — even if the art of swimming was lost completely from the year before — and having the best time just sitting there to make sure no one slips.


If what-if’s are all about exchanging the good for even better… bring ’em on. :)


{ Trey is home safe, as of about 11:30 last night.  THANKS for all your prayers… Bonus pic below!! :) }



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  1. When there is a baby, you will only be getting an actual 2 hours of sleep and will get used to walking around exhausted :) But, it’s totally worth it!

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