Stick It To Me

Today I spent the afternoon at my doctor’s office…


NOT from the sickness I am still not quite in the clear of (any day now, I know it!).  It was actually my quarterly visit to see my endocrinologist — a very smart man who not only helps keep my blood sugars in line but has also, quite graciously, been subjected to all kinds of extra forms I’ve given him to sign throughout our adoption process.

This time — after our normal chat over my fascinating blood-glucose patterns (ha) and where in the world I’ll be traveling to next that might require a doctor’s note for all of my “suspicious-looking” diabetic paraphernalia — I had to give him another form to review and sign (so sorry, here, please, real quick, thank you so much), and then was almost home free and good to go.  There was only one last thing I needed.

Since Trey and I both have to get physicals, drug screens, and TB tests done as part of our adoption home study, I previously decided it would be a great idea to knock out two birds with one stone and get all of that taken care of for me on the same day, after my visit with the doc.

(Backing up, as I was barely back to work today after three solid days at home, earlier this morning I had decided to Google whether or not you can take a TB test while sick… The results, however, only seemed to want to tell me if taking a TB test MAKES you sick.  So I resulted to my Google alternative — texting my doctor brother-in-law on his lunch break.  Should you ever find yourself in this situation, note to self:  Being sick will not affect TB results at all! :) )

Unfortunately, my plan did not turn out to be everyone else’s plan (ever had that happen?).  Unlike someone had mistakenly told me when I called several weeks ago, to confirm my two-birds-one-stone plan, my doctor’s office does NOT in fact have the capability of TB testing in their lab.  My pre-filled out, signed (in front of a witness, no less), and dated (today’s date) forms, along with pre-addressed and stamped envelope, slipped a quarter-inch through my fingers — mocking me.  (Should you ever find yourself in this situation, note to self #2: It’s likely your endocrinologist is more of an expert on your pancreas than infectious disease!)

Adding insult to injury (totally not his fault, poor guy), he then sent me on a little trip to my not-so-favorite place… the lab.

If you know me well, you know the lab is a bit of a dramatic place for me.  (No, seriously!)  To get blood drawn, like today, I have to lie completely horizontal before they even start, and I usually have to hang out for at least a good 10 minutes afterward to make sure my blood pressure has come back up enough for me to safely exit without passing out (if I haven’t already).  Such. a. baby.  (For someone who has diabetes, this is pretty pitiful!)  But 29 years of consistency affirms: It’s how I roll.

I’ve come a long… ways.  So when I found out there was a slight change of plans to my afternoon, I decided to be a big girl and take it like a champ.

Back home in comfy clothes... where I probably should have been today anyway!

Back home in comfy clothes… where I probably should have stayed today anyway!

The moral of the story is: sometimes, when life hands you a TB test request, you might end up giving your blood.  Ha!  Actually, it just goes to prove that not one of the steps in this process is ever quite as “easy” as it seems… but at the end of the day, it’s really not that big of a deal, and it’s totally worth it.  And we keep on truckin’.

After Trey being out of the county for a week, then me getting sick after that, I feel like maybe we are finally starting to pick up both [ourselves] and a little steam.  This week we have also finally determined which of the two infant care classes I found that we will take (this one!), and dropped off our registration form in the mail. :)


A couple I work with who are expecting have decided to take this class with us.  I’m so excited to go through it with other people we know!  So fun!!  They are doing an at-home birth, and give rave reviews about their doula, but in the end decided it wouldn’t hurt to learn even more.  We’re all that, too… sans the first part.

Here’s a couple interesting questions (for us) from the form:

Due Date:  Ummm… 

(Yes or No) – I know how many wet diapers to expect from my newborn and what they should look like:  YES, a LOT.  And they will look…. gross??

Needless to say, this class is probably a good idea. :)  (To my defense, I DID know three ways to soothe a newborn… Hint: they all start with an “s.”)

The BEST thing we’ve done in the last week is not anything that put us further along in our home study, but something we were able to give back to another couple.  We are finally in the place where we have some advice and words of experience to offer someone else — and that feels really good.  A couple we know who are in the very beginning of considering adoption contacted us and invited us over for dinner, to answer some questions and just hang out.  It was a really wonderful evening.  I’m not even sure how helpful we were, but I was so encouraged to find that, while it seems at times like everything is going slowly but surely, turns out I think we have learned a LOT in just a few short months!  I hope it was encouraging for them as well, to know that at least we have experienced the exact same feelings: overwhelmed, nervous, bottomless pit of questions, not knowing where to start, excited… and did I mention overwhelmed??

It’s so cool to see how God works these things out and have to trust in His timing.  Sitting in the waiting room earlier, I was reminded of Proverbs 17:22 – “A joyful heart is good medicine.”  Not just physically medicinal, I think, but in all things… especially when life requires patience, flexibility — and more patience.  We can ALWAYS choose joy.

Even in the lab. :)



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