Real Life

I read a whole lot about adoption.

I read almost every blog post and article I come across — which is a lot considering that many of the people and organizations I follow on “social” media and in my blog reel have some sort of bent toward adoption, fostering, and/or orphan care.  It’s mostly people’s stories (and people’s opinions).  I read the real-life perspective of families who are in it, and the church world persepctive of orphan care, and evvverybody’s thoughts on adoption ethics right now.

It’s easy to look at one person’s story and compare it to your own — whether that’s frightening or reassuring.  It’s easy to get a taste of one opinion and allow it to spill over your own limited knowledge, filling in the gaps of where you’ve not been confident enough to claim one of your own.  It’s easy, too, to see what currently looks like “happily ever after”… and let yourself dream that at the snap of a finger, it’s just like that…

It’s easy to forget that while we pray for our own adoption process, and God’s guidance for us, there is a real life out there — a life about to be born into a world of pain — that needs our prayers, too.

I read the following in a blog recently, and it brought me down to a place I need to remember more often.

“Nothing about adoption is safe.

We sign papers and write checks and make mental timelines as if any part of this process is secure, and then are shocked when the battle waged in the heavenlies over these childrens’ lives intersects the natural and becomes our reality.

The fields of the fatherless are war-stained.”

Prayer is our weaponry in this battle.  Hope is an anchor, and trust a non-negotiable.  But let us not be surprised, or misled, or unarmed.  Let us be humbled.  Let us enter in with Christ before us and Christ within us, so that it is with His strength we have any ability to stand.

And His heart that we have any reason to.



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