While I’m Gone

It’s vacation time!!!

Trey and I leave tonight to spend a week at the beach with my family.  (Yes, we do live at the beach.  But this is a vacation to a DIFFERENT beach that’s been a tradition in my family every year since before I was born.)


Our beach house at Ocean Isle, NC

We are so ready and excited!  Beach time for us = lots of good quality time with family (25 of us!); lots of sun, sand, and pool time (praying the weather report has a change of heart very quickly!); a big oceanfront house with a huge dinner table for sharing meals; and tons of laughter over old memories as we continue to make new ones.

It’s hard to believe that — prayerfully — we’ll be adding a new little one to the group next year…

Walking to "church on the beach" last year.

Walking to “church on the beach” last summer.

This year, rather than a much-needed recovery from what’s already been a somewhat fast-paced summer, I feel like this vacation is going to be restful preparation for what will be full-steam ahead when we get back…  As soon as we return, I am in charge of a big event at our church happening just a few short weeks later.  I’ll also be preparing to be gone on a mission for almost three weeks in August (more on that later), and we’ll be hoping to complete our adoption home study soon after our required meeting with our agency on July 12th.  Adding to that, Trey’s work is always very busy and stressful… and this current season is no different.  Lots going on!!  Thank you for your prayers on all of the above.

Not that I won’t be thinking of you, but I highly doubt I’ll be blogging from the beach this week.  So I thought I’d leave you all with some recommended reading. :)  (I played “librarian” much more frequently as a child, but here you can see: The “teacher” in me comes out!)

Due to the Internet and social media, my generation lives in a time where discretion, self-promotion, comparison, temptation, and — let’s be honest — sheer focus have been taken to all-new levels of discipline.  But it is also a glorious time in the sense of the amount of opportunity for encouragement and sharing resources.  As much as I am able to see and read in my blog reel and on “social” media daily, I have been tremendously blessed by others’ stories, ideas, articles, and perspectives…  Not to say that ANY of this is a good replacement for time spent in the Word.  It never will be.  But even this “old soul” can admit and appreciate the amazing gift that God has given those of us living in this day and age for spreading truth and love to farther reaches than ever before (done appropriately).

That being said, I leave you with a few things I have read this past week.  There would be no way to try and share everything I have liked or found challenging, and I’m not even going to try to select the best of the best (they’re all good anyway!)… just a tiny sampling of the most recent, to be fair.

•  On “waiting”:  Click here.  (A single, full-time foster mom shares what waiting means for her in this season of life.)

•  In thinking about birthmoms who choose to give their baby life through adoption, here’s the perspective of someone who made another brave and tough choice at 17 years old — to have and to keep her baby — and the response she received from Christians:  Click here.

•  On raising your children to be “world Christians”:  Click here.  (The CDG blog as well as Stand4Kids are great resources for parents and children’s ministry workers!)

•  “Because they cannot repay you”:  Click here.

•  On child sponsorship:  Click here.

•  “You are smart, competent, capable… born into poverty, perhaps, but not stuck there”:  Click here.

•  And, finally, this:


Enjoy!  And have a wonderful week!!!



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