Real Life: Paperwork

Adoption paperwork, night #72, 1 hour in…

(Trey at his desk, me lying on the floor surrounded by documents.  Have given control over to Trey now that we’re at financial pieces.  Trey shuffles papers.)  Me: What are you doing up there that I don’t know about?  Trey: I’m trying to find out your gross salary.  Me: You’re a gross salary.

Hour 2…

Trey: What should I put for how much extra money we’ll be spending per month with a baby in the house?  Me: … I’ll call my sister.

Who knows…

Trey: **Big over-exaggerated sigh.**  Me: You do realize that instead of me being pregnant and going into labor, this is what WE get to do to prepare for this baby!  It’s all about perspective.  Trey: I think I’d rather (___ I’ll spare you the details___).

And now, at this hour, I’m all gratitude for us deciding this past weekend that tonight would probably be our only chance this week for both of us to get together and get a lot accomplished, and then actually sitting down and doing it.  It’s tough when a job like Trey’s requires a lot of working at night (and mental exhaustion when you’re not working at night)… but we make a good team and are getting it done. :)  Required meeting with our adoption agency this Friday across the state — stay tuned!



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