The Glenhams have been doing lots of celebrating this past weekend!

To start with, I turned 30 on Thursday…

30 has been great!!!  I promise I’m not just saying that for the purpose of this blog (or for making myself feel better).  I kept expecting to feel bummed, or nostalgic, or whatever you’re supposed to feel at 30 — and, honestly, it never happened.  With so many exciting things to look forward to (our adoption being one of them), the last day in my 20s felt more like New Years Eve!!

I am loving this season of life right now, and I find myself thanking God for right where I am.  It didn’t hurt having so many special people to celebrate with.  Looking back over the weekend, I think I can truly say it was the best birthday yet…

I walked into my cube at work on Thursday morning to find that my whole space had been decorated with streamers and signs…


What a surprise!!! So fun!

Then, as they always do, my mom and grandmother came all the way to Wilmington to take me out to lunch for my birthday.  It is so sweet and a tradition that I look forward to every year!  This time we went to one of my favorite spots at a cute little French café, and of course Mom brought all kinds of festive gear to make it fun.  We had mini desserts and many laughs.


Inconspicuously celebrating!


Three mini delights.


Brasserie du Soleil


Mom and me.


Forever young!

After work, my birthday night itself was reserved for Trey…  I came home and quickly changed, and the two of us went to an Italian restaurant that I love.


Osteria Cichetti.


The sun sets on my 20s. :)

Trey was very sweet and thoughtful on my birthday… MAJOR brownie points. ;)  (Of course, it wouldn’t be Trey without some humor as well… hence the 40th birthday card I received to make 30 seem “not so bad”!)

Friday being my day off, the next day was spent running errands all over town and packing, in preparation for an almost 3-week mission trip coming up and going out of town for the weekend the next day.  I found my birthday dinner dress that afternoon, a few hours before the big dinner with friends downtown, and came home to freshen up instead of re-washing my hair.  Time to celebrate the big 3-0!  I thought it was just going to be a few friends and our couples small group from church, but my parents and sister completely surprised me by being there when I showed up!!!


The whole group.


Crazy times!

As I told Trey about my family being there… I was surprised, but it didn’t surprise me.  I wasn’t expecting them to be there at all — but it is totally something they would do.  I have the best family and friends ever!!!  The rest of the night was so much fun, with so many people I love all in one place.  I’ve never done this type of thing in years past, but it was the BEST way to spend a special birthday.


Just the girls.


Circa 1922.


Women I love and admire!

At this point I should probably say I realize that my birthday doesn’t have much to do with our adoption. :)  But… 30 is that unspoken age in a girl’s life when she should have probably figured out where she’s headed when it comes to a husband and kids… or so the world (or maybe just our culture) says!  It wasn’t long ago that even mid to late 20s was considered “old” for not having kids yet.  Here’s what I know: If I had pushed it or rushed getting married and having kids a lot earlier in life, I might not have married Trey — and I know I wouldn’t have been ready for kids.  God’s plans unfold in His perfect timing, and our rebuttal of His will can only lead to less than His best for us.

The truth is, I don’t feel old at all for “just now” being at the point of starting to have children.  I have several friends who have recently gotten married around (or above) the age of 30, so I could also compare in the other direction and say I still have “plenty of time”… But, I’m not going to compare either way.  God’s plan is so unique for each one of us that comparison and competition is most futile activity we can ever engage in.  My story is that I got married at 27 and began the adoption process at 29.  I hope that says nothing more to anyone else than the fact that that’s my story… Yours is completely different, and no less special, or better, or lacking!!

From there to someone who has so faithfully followed God’s call on his life…  The next day, Trey and I headed out of town for some more celebrating: this time, his dad’s retirement.  After 38 years of ordained ministry (the last 24 at the same church!), Trey’s dad is officially retiring from preaching.  What a legacy of service he is leaving behind!  The impact he has made on so many people and the amount of relationships formed throughout his time as a pastor are truly too great to measure.  It was an absolute honor to witness his last sermon at Morning Star Lutheran Church, and a blessing to watch his congregation come around the man they have called pastor for the last 24 years.  I was (and am!) so proud of my father-in-law!!!

The night before was so special.  Family gathered at Trey’s brother Todd’s house for fellowship, celebration, and reminiscing…


… and laughs!

The next day on Sunday was beyond amazing.  It was a bittersweet day, and pretty emotional for all the Glenhams, but one that was so full of love and joy, celebration and gratitude.


The family after the service.


Pastor Tim and his boys.

It was humbling to be a part of the closing of this chapter — but one that opens new doors both in the legacy he leaves behind and the opportunities that lie ahead…

Across the board this past week, I was reminded of this: the importance and blessing of family and relationships.  My heart is so full.  Thinking ahead to the day our family grows by one, I am filled to overflowing not only by the thought that we will gain a child, but that we might be the ones for a child who needs a forever family.  It could have been any one of us, but somehow God chose to bless us with the incredibly amazing families we have.  And he is orchestrating our family to be the right one for another one of His children, fearfully and wonderfully made.  He is working in the background, even as we speak, continually creating this family, perfectly designed and imperfectly lived, and most importantly infused with Love Himself…

To him be the praise, glory, and honor.



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  1. Your comments of my retirement (coupled with your week of celebration) was wonderful and greatly appreciated. You are my favorite daughter-in-law ” luv u”

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