Turning A Corner

Wow.  I have posted absolutely nothing on this blog over the past several weeks!  Seems pretty representative of our adoption process for the better part of the past month… slow. going.

I am happy to report that it’s no longer true, but I can honestly say I felt like we were in the doldrums for a while there.  Only a few pieces of paperwork left to complete, and we just couldn’t seem to get it together!!  I should have utilized this blog for community.  I should have gotten on here and asked for prayers for motivation and focus and prioritizing our time in order to get things done.

But I think, somewhere inside my head, I was embarrassed by that.  I thought it would sound like we aren’t as excited as we still are.  That we aren’t as “into” this as we once were or that we are starting to feel unsure.  The truth is, I think we were just in a rut.  I haven’t exactly asked, but I hope we’re not the only ones that happens to.  If I learned anything from the humility of having to stay home from a trip last month because of “stress exhaustion” (what the heck; that doesn’t happen to laid-back, low-stress people like me! – au contraire)… it’s that it’s ok to be human every once in a while — and admit it.

The good news is, I was telling someone just the other day I can feel a corner turning, and I really believe it’s true!! :)

Just this past weekend, I went out of town to visit my grandmother.  Trey had to stay behind because of work, but he told me that he would probably be able to finish up our paperwork that is left [insert chorus of heaven’s angels].

I left him explicit instructions, per Post-It notes…


There you have it, folks! The LAST of our paperwork!!

For someone who was not a born organizer, I think it has all manifested for me in our adoption process!  Haha!

Yesterday, Labor Day, we had a peaceful morning at the beach.  We got there early enough to enjoy some sun before the crowds.


Beautiful beach morning.

It was so nice!  I have to say, for living on the coast, the most satisfying weekends at the beach are probably going to be AFTER Labor Day, while it’s still hot enough to go — just because we live here.  We are so blessed…


My view.

After lunch at a favorite spot, we went to the gym together and I ran my upcoming 5K on the treadmill.  (You can call my little “running break” an “accidental hiatus”… but it felt so good to be back!)  We then had a VERY productive afternoon at home…

I am so happy, thrilled, relieved to report….


So what does that mean??  Haha!  I know, right.  Well, we are about to spend the afternoon in Raleigh on Thursday to meet with our adoption agency.  All I really know about what comes after the paperwork is:  “interviews,” the home visit, and submitting our profile book.  Our agency will then have to process our completed file, which I assume could take a while, but after ALL of that… we will officially be a “waiting family”!!!

I wish I could answer the “million dollar question” for you: How long will it be?  It honestly just depends.  We could get “the call” soon after our completed file is processed and approved, or it could be a while.  Then we could have two months until we bring a baby home or two days!  All I know is that we’ll be ready, and it will happen when it happens…

I am SO GLAD God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me Trey for a husband: forward-thinking, methodical, organized, and someone who always plans ahead to anticipate exactly what will happen.  It’s not only complementary, it’s a huge blessing.  Right now, we are operating halfway between there and where I am most comfortable: be prepared and then go with the flow.  Ha!  Between the two of us, it will be just fine.  Because of God… it will be just right.

I will update for sure after the meeting on Thursday!  Thanks, as always, for your prayers.



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