Weekend of Fun

If the disciples learned from Jesus by walking through life with Him and watching how He lived, I’d say that’s probably a pretty good method for learning.

Watch as I go, learn as I do.

It’s funny that I just mentioned in my last post how much I love to read — outside looking in.  But it’s the hands-on moments in life that teach us exponentially more than what glossy words can feed our eyes.  I can read articles and posts all day long, but in any given period of time with my sister and her two boys, I learn more about parenting watching her than in 50 articles combined.

Despite my attempts at being different growing up — doing my own things in order to be my own person — I always followed my big sister’s lead and learned from her as a little sister, having the privilege (and the blessing!) of seeing her do it first.

I guess you could say I’m like her disciple. :)



This weekend, Trey and I hosted my sister our two nephews at our place.  My brother-in-law, Brad (a doctor), and his mom are both currently away on a medical mission in “Hon-DOOR-us!” as James would say.  The boys don’t understand it completely, but they know that Daddy is helping people, and it’s in a place where people have never seen a doctor.  (In fact, in one day on Friday, Brad’s team saw 190 people.  Keep them in your prayers!)  All weekend long, the boys wanted to play doctor.  We had a lot of sick dinosaurs at our house.

It’s always fun hanging out with these guys, but having them in our home is extra special.  Everything about having the boys around is fun!!!  One of the best parts about the weekend was the down time I got to have with Sarah, talking about life and decisions in parenting, bouncing ideas off each other, sharing opinions and perspectives… I’m so grateful!

Having them stay with us also gives me a glimpse of what our life with our kids might be like.

Like blanket forts after breakfast…


PJs and play time :)

And mornings at the park…


Fall weather fun!

And frozen yogurt after lunch!  (Let’s be honest, frozen yogurt is already steadily incorporated into my life.)


In good company.

The first night they arrived, we went to eat downtown by the water, and of course the boys were fascinated by the boats.  Not the huge USS North Carolina Battleship docked across the river, but all the boats coming and going and crossing under the bridge!


Dinner and a walk by the river.


Me, the boys, and our friend Ms. Lindsey

The next day was filled with discovery… which I’m convinced is one of the best things about spending time with kids.  The serpentarium was a big hit — for all of us!


Giant crocodile ahead…


Lots of creepy critters to see at the serpentarium!


Having fun with Uncle Trey.


Snake faces!!

It was a fun-filled weekend for sure!

Pulling up to our place on the last night they were here, I couldn’t help but think what awesome buddies, big cousins, and role models James and Eli will be for our kids.  Partners in crime… maybe that, too. :)  But as well as those boys are being brought up, I’ll be so grateful for our kids to watch as they go and learn as they do…

And a little sister should know. :)



5 responses

  1. That was a really sweet post. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but you are DEFinitely giving me too much credit! Maybe you can atleast learn what NOT to do with kids – haha! I JUST texted mom and told her the boys acted like the Herdmans at church tonight. I am feeling like a terrible parent today. James had a meltdown at Tarpackers after church, and I had to take him home before we ever even ordered our food. Oh well, as Julia says, “they go through so many stages… you’re bound to like one” ;) Thanks for SUCH a fun weekend. -s Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 20:11:19 +0000 To: sarahreabutler@hotmail.com

    • The Herdmans! HA! :)

      I do mean I learn from you when the boys are “good” and automatically use their manners, and are sweet with one another and to others… but I also mean when you are dog tired and they are NOT being angels… and instead of being concerned about just getting them to do what you want, you are still more concerned about how to correct them and teach them WELL. Good thing “bad behavior” (when it’s a stage that’s sure enough going to happen) isn’t always what reflects good parenting or not. ;)

      Thanks for a fun weekend, too!!

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