Assessment Begins! (soon)

We have a next step!!

I’m sitting at work today, completely unaware of what was coming my way, and you can imagine my surprise when I see this in my inbox!


My response was the same as they have typically been throughout this process:

YAYYYY!!!!  :) :)  …. ….  What does that mean…??

The message was from our social worker, and the gist of it was this:

  • She has recently received our completed paperwork.
  • She is currently working with three families who are ahead of us in the process.
  • This means she won’t be able to begin with us until mid November, and she gave us some dates/times to choose from for our first meeting.
  • We chose the first day and time listed.
  • The meeting will last about two hours and will include review of our “adoption preferences.”
  • Whoa, this is getting real!
  • Additionally, there is an online marriage assessment that we each have to take separately before the meeting.

This meeting is the beginning of our assessment process, which is what happens after the paperwork is complete but before we officially submit our profile book and become a waiting family.  I know that it will also include interviews and a home visit from our social worker.  I do not know how long all of this will take to complete.

I wasn’t disappointed when I heard we have another month until our assessment begins.  Technically, receiving this information doesn’t change anything about where we are currently.  But just knowing what the next step is and when… makes such a difference!  Now at least we know what happens next and how long we have to wait until that point.  Trusting God one day at a time…

In other news, Trey and I celebrate our 3-year anniversary on Wednesday!  (I’ll be sure to post an update after!)  This is also known as the 1-year anniversary of us having “the baby talk” — haha!  (Those who know us well know that we often “schedule” our important discussions.)  You can see it all in our Adoption Timeline in the menu bar, but this time last year we were starting the conversation of whether or we were ready to think about kids.  We both agreed that we were, and we began taking steps in two directions at once: me visiting my doctor to discuss a plan for me to prepare for pregnancy as a diabetic, alongside of researching various adoption agencies.

When God led us to decide on adoption as our “plan A” (another post for another day!), we spent the next couple months researching which avenue of adoption we felt called to pursue: international? domestic? foster care? private agency?  At Christmas, we told both of our immediate families about our plans to expand our family through adoption.  In the months ahead, we continued to research ways to adopt, then which agency for domestic adoption we wanted to go with, and by April we were submitting a formal application!  And here we are today… almost ready to begin our assessment, after which we will be waiting for a baby…

What a difference the next year might make. :)



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