Anniversary Recap

Time flies… when you’re having fun!




Trey’s high school reunion, March 2011.

On the night of our anniversary this past week, Trey and I went out to dinner after work.  It was nice enough to sit outside at one of my favorites, Boca Bay.

We <3 October in Wilmington!

But the frozen yogurt for dessert that we had planned for WEEKS was hard to top!  (And worth the wait!)


Orange Leaf’s flavor of the month: PUMPKIN PIE!

At home we exchanged homemade cards, no gifts, and watched our rehearsal dinner video.  It was the perfect way to celebrate.  Seeing the faces of all of our closest loved ones on the screen on such a special night and hearing all the wonderful things everyone had to say was sweetness to our souls. :)  We are so grateful for all of you!!

The next day, we both took a half day and headed up to Chapel Hill for the Carolina/Miami game!  (Coincidentally, not technically, an anniversary trip — but either way, we were both happy!)  We got to tailgate with family, eat some great food, play corn hole, and just enjoy the company of these awesome people we love for a few hours before heading to the stadium.

Ready for game time!

“Glad I married a Tarheel fan.” :)

It was Carolina’s “blackout” game, also known as Zero Dark Thursday, where all the fans were encouraged to wear dark colors to black out the stadium.  It was nationally televised on ESPN and probably the best atmosphere of any game I’ve ever been to at Kenan!


Game time!


Here they come!!!


So fun :)


The student section rocked it!

Miami is undefeated, and we were leading the entire game until the very end!  It was a tough loss but a GREAT game.  We got to our hotel pretty late (around 12:30am) and were absolutely exhausted… but I’m so glad we went!

Of course, a little Parents Magazine reading accompanied the ride home… I love this quote. :)


(I can’t wait to watch you grow and see who you become.)

A great end to a great milestone, full of memories and family and fun times.

For those who witnessed our marriage ceremony three years ago and continue to be such an incredible support to our lives and this new journey we’re on — thank you!!!



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