The Real Stuff…

I had a friend ask me the other day what was happening with our adoption that I don’t post on the blog.  You know, “the real stuff.”

It struck me, in a convicting way, that I don’t ever want everything to seem like roses and rainbows all the time (although I do tend to wear rose-colored glasses).  Because that’s not real life.  I’ve always wanted to be really open and honest on this blog: not only so we can look back on our journey, or to keep friends and family updated, but also because I think our stories are one of the most powerful ways we can help and encourage each other in life.

It’s tough when you don’t really know who your audience is.  Who is actually getting on this website and browsing through the menu bar and most recent posts?  For some of you, the posts go straight to your e-mail inbox without ever visiting the website.  Other might stumble upon our site through a Google search.  (They might not find it interesting, but who knows!)

In any case, for the sake of possibly doing some good by sharing, I’m going to attempt to get better about recording the things I am hesitant to put out there.

Maybe that means one day soon I’ll talk about our current process of discussing baby names. :)  (Yes; there is a process.)  But today, I want to share something real and raw, something I hadn’t considered posting ’til now…

Just this past week, I was faced with a situation at work (our church) that hit really close to home.  I won’t say who told me or through which ministry this person was approached about it for the sake of the privacy of everyone involved.  Long story short, I was contacted about a situation in which a young girl was considering having an abortion after an unexpected pregnancy.  I was struck immediately by a sense of urgency and heartbreak.  It hit so close to home just knowing that the mother of our future child would one day face this exact same decision… And I knew that right now was such a critical time.

I quickly collected all the resources and information I could for the person who made me aware of the situation, and then I contacted several families that I know personally in the church.  The response was immediate and overwhelming.  In less than 24 hours, I received many offers to help (whether it was just meeting with or loving on the mom), and I even had one family who said they would be ready to adopt!  It was incredible to see people stepping forward for an absolute stranger.  The love and grace of Jesus.

Before any response was received, I was sitting at work on Wednesday just heartbroken over the situation, face down on my desk in prayer.  Not feeling as though I had done enough.  Not knowing what the outcome of this would be for the baby and for the life of this girl.  Praying for something miraculous to happen.

From what I know today, the decision did not go as we had prayed.  It’s a gut-wrenching and horrible reality.  There are no words that could even attempt to lessen such a tragedy.  It breaks my heart all over again just thinking about it.

But do you know what did happen?

The friend of the girl who contacted our staff person was blown away by the kindness of strangers who would pray for and step up to help her friend, and she was deeply encouraged in her own faith.

I’m not sure if the girl herself is a believer, but she may have just witnessed the first encounter of Christ’s love through His church.  Her eyes could have been opened to His truth.  I was told she did not even know that people adopt babies as an alternative to abortion.  She thought this was her only choice!  It is completely unfathomable to us to consider this choice, but it isn’t unfathomable to someone who doesn’t know the truth.  To someone who is scared out of her mind and doesn’t know what her options are or where to turn.  To someone who doesn’t realize the sanctity of life simply because she doesn’t know the One who created it.  It’s not unfathomable to her.  So please pray with me for her and for millions like her out there in the world.

I’m reminded that we were all searching and seeking and lost before we knew God’s love for us.  Even now, even in the deepest darkness of her one-time decision that carries lifelong impact, she matters infinitely more to Him than we could ever comprehend.  He is still a God in constant pursuit of His children, and He is still a God who can completely redeem.

It has called me to pray even more deeply for the birthmother of our future child.  For the decisions she is making right now.  For the people who are around her right now.  For her heart.  And for the special opportunity we will have to minister to her — not to get something from her.

I saw how the church is called to be the church — in the flesh, in action.  We don’t have a specific “ministry environment” at our church for this kind of situation.  But what happened was simply the natural overflow of a body of believers who reached out with what they had…

When the real stuff happens.



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