Stand 4 Kids! (Resources for Parents)

This post today is a completely shameless plug.  (There’s just no getting around it!)

As I browsed through and researched various missions websites with preschool materials at work this past week, I was reminded why I absolutely love Stand4Kids.


This organization is pretty awesome for the ways it involves, inspires, and truly sees kids as part of God’s plan, and His missionary heart and purposes for the world.

If you’re a mom (or dad), homeschooling or not, a teacher, or a children’s ministry coordinator, I can’t recommend this website enough.

In particular, the “Why We Exist” is pretty powerful:  Why We Exist

Also check out the excellent resources inside “Free Stuff” or “Downloadable Resources” under the header “Resources.”  Books, teaching tools, curriculum, crafts galore!  Things like:

  • Kids’ prayer cards
  • World finger puppets
  • Children’s books and books for parents on being a mission-minded family, and how kids themselves can give, share, and care
  • 20 Non-Negotiable Principles for Evangelizing Kids
  • World fabric map activities

There’s also lots of ideas for opportunities to teach and get involved.  Red Card Kids is really cool.

Needless to say, I’m sold out for what drives these guys to do what they do: Viewing children as recipients of the Gospel, too.  Children who are blessed to be a blessing like any of the rest of us — not when they grow up, not when they have more to give, but right now.

As Julie Ferwerda said in her awesome book “One Million Arrows” (another shameless plug)…

The greatest earthly and eternal value that you and I could ever attach to our kids is to shape them into arrow for God.

Our sons and daughters are not only the hope of the future church — they are the hope of the church now.

As parents, we need to think big, dream big, and pray big for the opportunities God might prepare for our children.

She challenges me when she says:

Parenting is, really, at the heart of Jesus’ command for discipleship.

Visionary parenting [is] parenting that focuses less on what your family can do for God and more importantly on what God wants to do through your family.

If you’re interested further, be sure to check out this article in the March 2012 edition of Mission Frontiers magazine:

The Essential Role of the Family in World Evangelization

It talks about the biblical relationship between the Great Commission and the institution of the family.  (“God created TWO essential institutions to advance His kingdom: the local church and the Christian family.”)

If all that sounds really overwhelming and unattainable, I think it helps to think of just starting somewhere.  Be faithful with what God has given you, and allow Him to come in and do His work that only He can do.  For something practical, where better to start than with the word of God itself?

Interestingly, I just got an e-mail just yesterday about The Bible App for Kids, coming in late 2013!   What a cool way for kids to experience the Bible with interactive, colorful, and animated illustrations!  I can still remember watching an animated cartoon version of the story of Job on VHS (don’t laugh) when I was a little girl, and it really shaped the way I thought of those events as really happening to real people.  Now we’re moving on new avenues of technology (smartphones and tablets), but the learning potential is the same — and probably greater!  I noticed there are games and activities for helping kids remember what they learned.

I am challenged and inspired not only to care, nurture, and provide for my kids, but also not to hold them back or sell them short in the calling God has for their lives — as I foster them for Him while they’re here on earth.

I hope you’re inspired, too!


{ Feel free to pass this along, and leave your own suggestions in the comments section! }


2 responses

  1. As a creator of Stand4kids, thanks Emily. I’d like to share a new ministry and website that I’m a part of that creates tools for parents and kids to grow together in understanding God’s global heart and plan for not only the world, but for their own family–Check out

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Karen! This looks amazing – I’ll be sure to share it with other church staff and parents! Thank you for reading. And thanks for what you do!

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