Anyone else need this reminder today…?

“it’s not about finding the perfect fit for your family.  it’s about finding the right family for each orphaned child.  and it won’t be perfect.  it will be messy.  hard.  discouraging.  lonely.  exhausting.  painful.  raw.  but it will also be wildly beautiful.  full of love.  life changing.  exhilarating.  purpose-giving.  redemptive.” — from the “Welcome Blessings” blog

And isn’t this true for so much in life?  At least, I should say, for the life of a follower of Christ.

Hardship should not be a foreign concept to us.  The Bible tells us we can expect it.  So we press on toward what we are called to do, knowing that God is good, He is sovereign, sees the bigger picture, and, quite simply, He loves us.  How freeing it is to know is that it won’t be perfect.  That we will absolutely stumble — all the time.  And yet if we are seeking Him, we won’t fall out of His will.

As a friend reminded me recently, “God’s provision for you in this is already sanctified.”

The incredible truth, when we think we are in control or that we are going to mess everything up, is this:  He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.  There is purpose, always, no matter what.

And somehow, God uses us despite ourselves.



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