Between Wonder and Worship

I might be a little late to the party, but… wow, the Christmas season is here!!!

We left for Mexico last week, five days before Thanksgiving, and then spent a week in tropical weather, so you can imagine our shocking initiation as we stepped off the plane this past Saturday to chilly temps and to find that Christmas had exploded while we were gone!

I can remember earlier in the year, as we sent in our pre-application in March and our formal application in April, this tiny bit of wonder inside… a question rising out of the newness of it all… Could it happen by Christmas???

Although a Christmas baby was not in God’s plans for us, it’s going to be a pretty exciting month around here anyway!

A few specific dates/happenings to be praying about:

  • Tuesday, December 10th:  We have our last interviews with our social worker up in Raleigh.
  • Thursday, December 19th:  The home visit and pastor interview.  (Our social worker is doing both in one day while she’s in town.)

These are the last steps in the process.  Once the above is complete, our social worker has 30 days to write up our home assessment, as I mentioned in the previous post.  Which would put us “waiting” by February, but because of my mission to Nepal the first week in month, we are actually going to put our waiting status on hold until the second week in March.  At that point, it could be the next week… three more months… one more year…

Hence, the “waiting” period.

The adoption process definitely teaches you to hold loosely to the plans YOU want to make and to trust completely on God.  Just like with the Christmas season, I don’t want the details, the busyness, and the expectations to cloud what’s truly important.

I recently came across a quote by Amy Carmichael that speaks so well to this:

“If you refuse to be hurried and pressed, if you stay your soul on God, nothing can keep you from that clearness of spirit, which is life and peace.  In that stillness you know [His will].”

(It’s worth reading again!)

This time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this Advent season of anticipation and waiting for the MOST special arrival, is a time between gratitude and worship.  Our pastor mentioned this on Sunday:

Gratitude AWAKENS worship.

It is hard not to sincerely feel gratitude without thankfulness for the gift turning to adoration of the giver: Who is this person who would do this for me?

As he explained,

Gratitude identifies the gift.

Adoration identifies the Giver.

And so it’s pretty appropriate that Thanksgiving would come before Christmas.  That when God brought to earth the greatest gift, the angels sang, “Glory, glory, glory…”

I can already feel gratitude for this gift we have yet to receive.  But I think the fullness of that gratitude and praise might not come to fruition until we hold the baby in our arms and in our home.

G. K. Chesterson once said that “gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

And so that’s what the waiting process is for me:  It’s being between the wonder and the worship…

Well anyway. :)  Speaking of all this, while I know that our joy and our gratitude can never solely be sourced from our circumstances…. I have to say, the Glenhams were just a bit extra thankful this year!!  I’ll end this post with a few fun Mexico photos from our Thanksgiving week.  Peace and “stillness” to you all, with bated celebration in our hearts!

Photo recap:

Beautiful Mexico!


Moon Palace resort

Moon Palace resort

The beach at Tulum

The beach at Tulum.

Us at the lagoon

Us at the lagoon.

Pool time and sunshine

Pool time and sunshine in November!

Go Trey!!!

Go Trey!!!

Day of golf when all 8 of us played. :)

Day of golf when all eight of us played. :)

So incredibly blessed to be part of this wonderful family. It was an awesome week of great quality time!

So incredibly blessed to be part of the Glenham family. It was a wonderful week with some awesome quality time!

Thanksgiving Day in Mexico!!

Thanksgiving Day in Mexico!

Day of exploring

Day of exploring.

So fun!

So fun!



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