Last Interviews

Early this morning, the two of us rose at a time we aren’t used to seeing and stumbled around in the dark a bit before we got our things to leave.  It was 66 degrees in Wilmington (December, apparently), while two hours down the road was predicted to have a high in the low 40s and raining.

So we bundled up in our layers and raincoats and stepped out into the… balminess.

We have acquired a sort of routine for these trips to Raleigh now.  I knew before asking that we would be stopping at Chick-fil-A for breakfast (so Trey could get his free chicken minis and me, a Coke Zero — to wake me up and of course make the restroom our first stop at the Bethany office).

Today was our last interviews.  Our last trip to Raleigh (that we know of).

And the little tiny unassuming office that does a great big job was a familiar, welcoming sight at the end of the road.

Our interviews this morning were the only ones we’ve done separately.  They were an expansion (in person) of the autobiographies and personal profiles we each wrote during our paperwork process: our life stories, family life growing up, relationships with family, our testimonies, our marriage, how we met, etc.  I did mine first while Trey waited (given examples of profile books to look through and a video to watch), and then vice versa.

We later laughed at the fact that, while our interviews were exactly the same, mine took exactly twice the amount of time as Trey’s.  Someone got a little talkative in there on those topics… oopsy. :)

As I sat on the couch in that tiny upstairs room by myself while waiting for Trey to finish — after my interview with the case worker, after looking at the books and watching the video — a “this is really happening” feeling crept up and made itself known a bit more confidently than it has up until this point.  But it was not an intimidating hello or a handshake too hard.  It immediately walked in step with a huge peace that, while I never know exactly what each step in the process will look like or has looked like so far, all of it is on the road to a place that feels as right and sure as ever.  So my peace and that reality played quite nicely together when they met.  You could say it was a proud mom moment.

As always, the car ride turned into a huge blessing, with lots to talk about and process through on the way home.  New information received, new decisions to make… exciting possibilities.  Soon-to-come possibilities.

It feels like the “hurry up and wait” has actually been a “wait, now hurry up” all along — it’s going to be here before we know it.

And we’re so grateful and blessed to share it with you. :)


{ P.S.  Somewhere in the last week… we also decorated our condo for Christmas.  Woo-hoo!}



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