It Takes A Village

This week has been really encouraging…

Not because we found out any more “news” (we haven’t).

Not because we’ve wrapped up our last few tasks to complete (we haven’t).

Not even because we’ve gotten ahead on some things.

It’s simply because of the reminders that we aren’t alone.

Time to start a baby registry!

Time to create a baby registry!!

Yesterday was a super fun day.  My big sister came all the way to Wilmington to help me start our baby registry!  She didn’t just e-mail me a few checklists (although those proved to be very helpful!).  She didn’t just talk me through it over the phone.  She came to go with me, and we had the MOST fun just the two of us, spending hours walking up and down the aisles of the baby section, talking the entire time, and scanning things left and right…

Watch out now - girls with a registry gun!

Watch out now – girls with a registry gun!

You know how the more you learn, or think you know, the less you actually do??  Yesterday was one of those experiences.  The only thing I could think when we got back in the car was how I don’t know what I would have done without her.  Having newborns just four and a half and three years ago, plus her organizational skills, plus her own excitement, made her the perfect registry companion.  Anything we get right and have available for the baby is going to be to her credit!  We still have several items left to register for (ones she recommended I check consumer reports for first), and other items I am borrowing from her… which is going to be sooo nice!

My mom came in town as well — to babysit my nephews while I stole my sister away — and we all got to enjoy lunch and dinner together.  It was the perfect day.  We also started a second registry at Toys ‘R’ Us!  Mom and the boys came there, too, and my nephews were so cute finding things for “Baby Glenham” that they personally thought he/she should have. :)

"Baby Glenham" registry

“Baby Glenham” registry

Speaking of he/she, “gender-neutral” registering was… interesting.  Some things aren’t hard at all, and others were more difficult.  When it was harder to find those gender-neutral items, we just resolved that if we have a daughter, she will have a good bit of blue-and-green along with the pink! ;)  I’ve landed on yellow and gray for nursery colors and for a general color scheme.  I have specific ideas in mind for nursery decor, so I’m thinking I might also start a registry on Etsy…  Not that we are going to need a big, complete, or in-any-way elaborate nursery for a newborn, it’s just so exciting and really helps make everything feel more real!

Rewind just a little bit, and I was sitting at home this past week, staring at my computer for much longer than I should have, contemplating whether or not throw it out there on Facebook that I was looking for advice on something.  I struggled with wording or even to write it at all, which is so silly.  It seems that lots of people still don’t know we are adopting — and that we have been “officially” in the process since this last April — so I never know if when anything mentioned anywhere online is actually going to be the announcement for some people… which would seem so impersonal and uncreative if it were!  So while I over-think and over-analyze, and worry about calling attention to ourselves, I finally just posted it.  It was probably the most well-received and responded-to anything I’ve ever posted anywhere!  (You know those people who say “good morning” and get 400+ likes?  Not that I care, but that so isn’t me.)

The willingness to help, the support, advice, tips, offers, and blessings were overwhelming.  (Turns out, there are a thousand times more people wanting to help when you have a baby than even when you get married — which I thought was a LOT!)  Sure you’re going to have the strong opinions, but I am so grateful for the response received for the encouragement that it was because, again — those are reminders that we aren’t alone.  Plus it’s fun, after all this time, to see waves of excitement all over again, after we’ve been at it a while!

So I’ve been thinking about that and the previous mentions from a couple friends about donated breast milk… people I know and trust.  (Which, if the timing is right, would be such an incredible gift.)  I made me stop and reflect that it really does take a village to raise a child.  In our case: the baby will form and be birthed by another person…  They might be nourished by yet another…  And they will be loved, supported, and cared about by so many of our family and friends, as they have constantly shown us.  I am starting to think that being the actual mom is just a small part of it all! ;)

On that note, whoever you are out there reading, thank you for your support.  Just your presence in our lives means a lot — whether it’s in any of the ways mentioned above, or whether we know we have your silent prayers…

I’m so grateful for our village. :)



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