Whose Purposes Cannot Be Withheld

So much to do, so much to do!

In these last couple months before our waiting period officially begins, the paperwork and meetings and interviews for our adoption have turned into… preparations for an actual baby!  With all the registering, creating guest lists for showers, and identifying professionals for services, sometimes it feels like I’m back in the days of planning a wedding!  (Except, this time, the registry looks a whole lot different — and, instead checking out cake options and photographers, we’re checking out childcare options and pediatricians!)

It really is a lot — a lot to think about and choose and consider and do — but in the midst of what can feel like an enormous amount of tasks and overwhelming decisions, there’s a truth I’m banking on and using as an underlying foundation for my prayers:


This was today’s adoration over at @everybitterthingissweet on Instagram, and what a sweet reminder it was.  “No purpose of Yours can be withheld from You.”  No matter how much we humans plan (and fail), and worry and think we have some control.  Not one purpose.

I’ve heard adoration described in a simple way to introduce to children: speaking truths about God back to Him.  As much as we get wrapped up in doing for God, and even with God, He alone is worthy of our praise.  No matter what His purposes turn out to be.

(For they are FAR greater than mine…)



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