Winter Blessings

Even with the threat of snow and ice last week, I never expected to be out of work for three (frozen-solid) days right before the weekend…

But what a blessing those snow days turned out to be!!!

After getting some work done — and of course turning into kids again one morning when we decided to go sledding (so fun!!) — early on the evening of our second night iced in, I began a project that lasted the rest of our time until we were safe to leave the house again…


I’ll admit: for a long time, I’ve been a little bit paralyzed to start making our profile book.  Unlike international adoption, in domestic infant adoption through an agency, profile books are what expectant parents use to choose who will be the adoptive parents of their baby…  They browse through the profile books of those who are approved to adopt, and, in getting a glimpse into the lives of these couples, make that life-changing choice.  It reminds me, in a way, of John 15:16 – “You did not choose me, but I chose you.”  At no point in this process do you ever feel entitled to any control — which is incredibly humbling.  And, ironically, a great blessing.

Typically, I would be all over something like this.  I love to create, I love pictures, and I can work on a project for hours with little to no human interaction.  (Which is probably the reason why the introvert side of me felt absolutely no cabin fever over those three snow days — it was awesome!!!)  But when it came to putting together our LIFE into ONE book that had such implications… I just couldn’t decide how to get started.

Until God iced me inside my house and gave me no other choice…

(Sneak preview - sorry about the fuzzy computer shots!)

(Sneak preview – sorry about the fuzzy computer shots!)

I can’t even express what a PRAISE this was and the amount of gratitude I felt…  After hours and hours of solid focus, the majority of our book was near completion.  I almost sent an e-mail to my women’s small group to say “Praise!!!  I spent my snow days creating a 20-page Shutterfly album, and it was amazing!!!!”  But… I didn’t.

So many other things are falling into place.  We have two baby showers lined up (one in February and one in March, thanks to some amazing friends and family), and our registries are nearly finalized.  A good friend recently helped me pick out fabrics for a very special project that will end up in our child’s room, AND after our trip to Hobby Lobby and Joann’s, let’s just say there might be yet-another DIY project in my future. :)

I’m even doing something I never thought I would do as an expectant adoptive parent…

Shopping for maternity clothes!!!

Haha… guess I should explain that one.  While preparing for my upcoming mission to Nepal, I’m in need of some long, flowy tunic tops to wear.  Unlike Kenya or other places I traveled, women in Nepal don’t wear long skirts and dresses.  (In this culture, it’s immodest to show your ankles; feet are considered unclean in general, and you must cover your ankles, as well as never sit with the bottom of your foot facing someone.)  Women wear pants, but your backside MUST be covered.  Nothing even slightly clingy that will show your shape at all.  So, as I’ve endlessly searched for long, mid-thigh-hitting tops that are completely shapeless, I suddenly had the idea to shop in the maternity section… and have had great luck!!  I guess I get to have that experience after all. ;)

There is still a lot going on and much to do… in particular, a very very humbling “next step” in our process that has to do with our community of support… which you’ll be finding out about very soon.  In the meantime, God just continues to amaze me with His goodness and grace.  Knowing me better than I know myself and providing before we even know to ask.  As a friend said recently,

“He is so creative and loving.  He doesn’t need us, but in His goodness, He has created us all to work together in His redeeming story.”

At this very moment, I could NOT have said it any better…

So we wait in winter… and prepare for what the spring might bring.



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