Beauty in the Crazy

Things have been pretty busy around here these past couple months… and this week especially.  As you can tell, there has been a lot more doing and a lot less blogging!  It’s one of those seasons where a lot of big things are happening — and happening all at once.

I am incredibly grateful for each and every thing on our plates right now.  These are crazy, wonderful, beautiful, full times that God will use for His glory!!  Not that everyone’s lives aren’t typically on the busy side.  It’s just an unusually busy season for us, so I appreciate prayers for perspective, prioritizing, and praising God in the hallway (see previous post).

While we’re still right in the middle of everything, this update comes to you in the form of bullet points and photos… Enjoy!

What’s happening with the Glenhams?

•  Preparing my team (and myself) for our mission to Nepal (Feb. 28th – March 9th).  There is a lot left to do with just one week to go!


(We will be serving with Tiny Hands International, an anti-trafficking organization in Kathmandu.  We’ll be traveling out to a few different border-monitoring stations where workers intercept/rescue women as they are being trafficked into slavery along the Nepal/India border, churches who minister to the women post-rescue, various children’s homes, and a center for empowerment.  Thank you for your prayers!!)

•  Preparing for my talk at a human-trafficking event the Friday after we get back.  I’m the guest speaker for the night, and I’m working on having my message prepared before I leave for Nepal… although I’m sure on the plane ride home, after experiencing the mission, God will completely change everything I wanted to say. :)

NC&VA Short.007

(Along with lots more, I’m very thankful for the information above provided by the Centre of Redemption, a local organization fighting human trafficking in our community.  An incredible fact about them: they have the only safe house in the entire country that takes in women who are pregnant or have babies as a result of being trafficked — and it’s right here in Wilmington!)

•  Two baby showers coming up!  (Including guest lists and registries)


(The one above is THIS Saturday — day after tomorrow! :) )

•  Nursery art!!!


•  Learning, learning, learning…


•  Communication with our social worker as she finishes writing our home assessment:


(She’s great!!)

•  Officially beginning our fund-raising.  Scary, humbling, faith-building…

fundraising site

•  Including thank-you notes…


•  Needing to make a decision about our condo, which is still unsold…

client report

(We’re so glad you like it!!  Aaaand…. we’re still here.)

•  We did set aside time for a date on Valentine’s Day. <3


(Well done — finish strong.)

•  … and we had a crazy ice storm.


(The door handle on Trey’s work vehicle broke off – whoa! – and a few hours later that tree branch added insult to injury.  We were very thankful to have never lost power — and equally thankful to have been blessed to be a blessing: having friends over to do laundry, eat dinner, and hang out when they lost power for close to 80 hours.)

•  More thank-you notes…


(Our supporters are amazing!!)

All in all, yes – it’s crazy.  It’s like the crazy town express made a stop at the crazy station this week.  But here’s the thing: These are all amazing blessings.  And we are grateful: Grateful for a roof over our heads.  Grateful for the opportunity to be adoptive parents.  Grateful for a God who shows us the bigger picture in our community and world.  Grateful for learning.  Grateful for health for the doing.  Grateful for coffee. :)  And especially grateful for our circles of support… Friends and family who volunteer to plan baby showers.  A friend’s one-liner in an e-mail, another’s in a text, that she doesn’t even know was incredibly encouraging to me.  A friend inviting me over for an hour’s worth of “cloth-diapering 101” so I can learn by seeing.

And in the midst of it all, there is a woman or girl out there right now, whose brave decision of hope-in-action is setting forth God’s unfolding plan for a baby that we will one day get to call our own…

I’d say we’re pretty blessed.

•  Wait, the Olympics are happening right now?!  How in the world could we have missed that?? ;)




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