Wilmington baby shower

Saturday morning, my mother-in-law’s remark was: “We’re gonna have to tether you!”  I was so happy, I was floating!  My Wilmington baby shower was absolutely beautiful.  We were tremendously blessed by the generosity of our friends: generous with their time, their talents, and generous in love.  It was more than I could have ever imagined…



Every single detail, every gift, every prayer put into this was incredibly special.  I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of it all.  But mostly I remember walking up to the door that morning, seeing people arrive and already inside, and just feeling overwhelmed by the community of support that we have.  While the shower made everything seem so real — I couldn’t put down my “mommy” mason jar! — the feeling that our baby is this loved already was the thought I had the most…  There was so much love in that room that it radiated both inside and out.


For now, this is just a sampling of the many moments captured that day, thanks to my sister.  But even these words and photos could never do justice to the gratitude we feel.  Our unending thanks go to everyone who came and were a part of it, especially our hosts.  It was an amazing day to commemorate such a special time!

Blessed and grateful…..



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