Heading to Nepal

Today, I will board a plane with an awesome team of people and fly out to Nepal to work with human-trafficking organization Tiny Hands International.  As we prepare our hearts, we know that God has gone ahead, and that HE alone is the author of justice and freedom and redemption…

While we are there, we will be flying out to a couple different border-monitoring stations along the Nepal/India border.  These stations are where workers intercept trafficking as it happens.  (15,00 women and children are trafficked from Nepal into India every year — every year!)  We will also visit 3-4 children’s homes, a center for empowerment (where women are ministered to post-rescue), Beauty for Ashes, and meet with Tiny Hands staff in charge of investigations and analysis.  It will be an incredibly powerful mission — we greatly appreciate your prayers!!

One of my biggest prayers, personally, is to be present in each moment.  It would be such a disservice to this mission if I were not fully engaged in the ministry we are doing.  There are a lot of exciting things I am coming home to, and it is truly a discipline to literally check out of your life for 10 days.  But this is my life, too.  This moment, today, is where God has called me to be.  And I am only promised today.  I am so thrilled for this unbelievable opportunity… I can’t believe all that we will get to see and be a part of!!  As much as I could think ahead to so many things, for now God has called me to be part of a team that will be His hands and feet in another part of the world, to love on His children there…


I’m so grateful that He allows me the opportunity to see beyond my own little bubble, calling me to greater faith, getting me out of my comfort zone.  There is nothing about the adoption process, or the timing of when our condo will sell, that we can control.  Trusting Him with the unknown — however scary it may be — is honestly delighting my soul because that’s where faith flourishes.  And that’s what pleases Him.  There are other purposes for this mission, but I know that all of this is equipping me to be a better mother.

A lot has been set in motion lately with our adoption process.  This past week alone, we ordered our profile books, we’re getting close to halfway with our fund-raising (www.youcaring.com/babyglenham), and our social worker completed our final home assessment.  The assessment is a 13-page document that contains everything we have worked on since we first submitted our formal application to Bethany last April: our financial records, our health check-ups, our references, how we were raised and disciplined, our parenting philosophies, our background checks, our record of adoption training and education… I think I said “This is crazy!” about three times as we were reading through it.  Not in a bad way, but just because it’s like our whole life in one huge file!

Having those things complete make me feel at peace before I leave.  And then — when I return — we wait.  I hope I never lose this transit sense of being we have established over this past year and over these past several months.  We are always in the in between, dependent on God, waiting on Him to provide daily manna.  Our faith has deepened as our control has lessened.  We do our part, but we look to the Lord expectantly for what’s next…

“If knowing Him more intimately is my end goal, there’s not one single thing I will face today that can’t serve to draw me into this.” -Sara Hagerty

Thanks for your prayers for our team!  For health, safety, and for great impact to be had in and through us, and for those we will encounter…  Love to all!!



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