Not much new to report this week…

We are still in the search for a three-bedroom townhome or house that we can rent for a year or less until we find a house to buy.  We’re looking to bump up to three bedrooms so there will be a room for us, a nursery, and a room for family/guests when they come to stay.  We’re looking in neighborhoods all over town.  We have a minimum square footage in mind, but we’re not being too picky.  We’d love to have a driveway and/or garage if possible (we’ve found that assigned parking will probably not work for us).  We check for new listings daily, making sure we don’t miss anything within our set price range.

All of these things are driving our decisions lately.  And it’s funny how a baby changes everything.  Knowing that this could be where we are when we first bring our baby home, the main questions in the back of my mind when we arrive to look at a place are if the neighborhood looks good for strolling and what’s the potential baby room like.  Ha!  Much different than the way I used to go apartment hunting!!

You know, this blog has really been a great place for processing and journaling, for providing information on all the pieces to our “process” and keeping you updated on all that.  But I do feel like maybe it’s not always entirely representative of what’s on my heart and in my thoughts a lot of the time: the birthmother being a main piece…

As we celebrate in the selling of our condo and the excitement of what’s to come, I’d just like to ask if you wouldn’t mind going back to a recent post called “Answers to Questions” where I wrote about some prayer requests we have for the birthmom.  If we could all just continue to remember her, as Trey and I not the only ones involved in this process… that would be really really wonderful!

Lately I wonder a lot about who she is and where she is.  Is she pregnant already?  Has she already made the decision to make an adoption plan for her baby?  Right now our own biggest decisions revolve around where to rent a three-bedroom townhome in our beautiful city….  Can you imagine?



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