Oh wow… I am letting the blog posts get a little few and far between!  It’s been a real process moving into a new home… but the answer to every “are you liking it?” is a big fat YES!!

Funny how this is just our temporary home before buying a house, but how much we love it here and are feeling more and more settled…  (And it’s not just me who is nesting!  A bird has recently laid eggs in our fern on the front porch.  I’m taking it as a good sign. ;) )

It’s really hard to believe we moved only a month ago.  Especially considering how much has been done, despite how much we’ve had going on.  The first full weekend we were here, Trey was out of town, and then the next weekend I was out of town… celebrating our cousin who is getting married in June!


[ Sweet Courtney! So excited for her and Ben!! ]

Trey’s birthday was soon to follow, and despite the ever-growing “to-do” and “to-get” lists at home, we took a whole day together on a Saturday to celebrate.  We could not have ordered better weather.  We both said the projects would still be there when we got home, but this weather will NOT last…




[ Birthday boy! ]


[ The riverwalk after dinner. ]

Our families have been a tremendous help to us with this move.  My mom, grandmother, sister, and nephews all came back one weekend to really focus on the nursery and getting ready for baby.  I can’t even describe what a blessing it is to have their wisdom and support!  Don’t worry; they got a little bonus. ;)


Trey’s mom came back just this past weekend and was a HUGE help as always.  We had an awesome, productive visit with her.  On the night she stayed with us, we literally walked to dinner at a nearby restaurant, one we kept noticing but hadn’t tried yet.  Walking there and then sitting on the back patio was like having dinner on our own back porch — except much cooler!  The atmosphere was way beyond what we expected — free-standing fire pits, string lights, stone tables — and the menu was incredible.  Lots of seafood and some upscale Southern food, too.  Hea-ven.


Just to prove it’s not all fun and games around here, there has been a LOT of work involved with moving in… I’m very grateful for my handy man! ;)



Overall, we are really happy here.  It’s nice being a bit closer to Carolina Beach, and our neighborhood itself is super friendly.  We took our bikes out after dinner the other night to ride around the community — again, perfect weather — and it’s been the best way so far to meet people. :)  Kids playing in the streets, men out grilling, ladies walking… pretty soon, maybe, us strolling.

I’m just grateful we haven’t been so consumed with what needs to get done that we haven’t appreciated where we are… both geographically and season of life.

[ Secret weapon for getting hubby to stay on the beach for longer than half an hour. It worked! ]

[ My secret weapon for getting hubby to stay on the beach for longer than half an hour. (It worked!) ]

One HUGE PRAISE with us right now is how far we’ve come with the adoption fund ( ).  We are getting so close to our goal!!!  The latest update on the fund-raising site is from yesterday, May 25th.  Here’s an excerpt:

… your generosity.  It means more to us than just the donations; it’s a representation of our community of support who are surrounding us during this time, as well as the love this baby has already.  A baby we don’t know yet, who may not even exist yet, but whose absence is being filled more and more each day with love and anticipation and blessings from so many wonderful people in our lives.  Please know, too, that your prayers are invaluable.  They are, above all, the greatest contribution.

And, for those who are wondering, we are still slated to become a waiting family again on JUNE 1st.  (So soon!!!)

My prayer request right now is just finding that balance of wanting to slow down, say no to things, and create space for the transition a baby will bring… even while life around us does not do the same.  The opportunities and events in our calendar all represent PEOPLE at the heart of them — which is wonderful but, at the same time, makes time at home hard to come by.  Knowing that our lives and schedules will be turned upside down when we become parents of a newborn, I’m just really feeling a need to prepare for that now.  Guess you could say I am definitely “nesting”… just like the bird in my fern.

Thank you for your interest in our lives and in this process…  Sometimes, it’s not always glamorous; it’s just life.  Life in waiting, but life being lived.  We love that you are a part of it.



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