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This summer has really been a whirlwind!  I think the best way to fill your schedule absolutely to the brim is to consciously say you’d like to begin saying “no” more and intentionally begin to move things off your plate… yep, that’ll do it. ;)

Although we were recently out of town for 5-6 weekends in a row (who’s counting?) and went on vacation for a week (glorious!), I do have some updates on the actual adoption front.  The most popular question we receive nowadays is: “Have you gotten any updates?”  While we don’t really get any “updates” per se during the waiting period, I do have at least a few things to share…

We have a benefit coming up!!  My aunt has generously offered to donate a day of lessons in our honor at Wind Drift Farm on SEPTEMBER 27TH (date has changed).  She is a two-star Parelli instructor and will be giving workshops at discounted prices for this event.  We are so excited about seeing her in action and what she has so passionately put her heart into doing for a living… and, of course, to give others the opportunity to help bring Baby Glenham home!!!  Check out this flyer:

WindDrift flyer

We are also finally wrapping up the process of getting life-insurance policies in place for the two of us.  This is a requirement with our agency and one very last thing we need to take care of.  We had a lady coming to our house this past Friday to do blood work (if you know me well, you know this is one of my least favorite things — but at least I could lay on my own couch to get it done!).

Soon, we will be closing down our fund-raising website: www.youcaring.com/babyglenham.  This project has absolutely blown us away.  When we first decided to adopt, we knew we had a lot of money to raise.  We bought the book Adopt Without Debt, and we decided to create a fund-raising site to see what it might do.  God provided over $19,000 toward our adoption.  He is so good!!!!  It was incredible to see Him affirm and provide throughout this process, and we give Him all the glory.  We can’t even begin to appropriately thank our family and friends who have so generously donated toward helping us bring our baby home.  And, as stated many times on the site, your PRAYERS are really your greatest contribution.  I will be moving the puzzle pictures over to this blog as we get even closer to our goal.  (Each donation helps add pieces to the puzzle; the last piece will be added when our baby is home!)  And if you are curious about why adoption costs so much (like we were!), check out a previous post here on the blog called Answers to Questions.


Our online profile will be posted soon!!  We have submitted our content and photos for our online profile, which is basically the way that expectant parents from other parts of the country will see us and request to view our profile book.  Because we have chosen to be open to interstate placement, this means we could be chosen by a birthmother from anywhere in the U.S.  It is incredibly humbling to write a little about yourselves and share a few photos for an online profile… knowing that it could be the way you might be considered to be the adoptive parents for someone’s baby.  It’s an honor already to have that opportunity!

Lastly, I’ve been really blessed to find a second job (completely on the side from my full-time job at church) that I can do from home — and really enjoy!  My training in school was professional writing and editing, and I worked for five years after graduating college as assistant editor of a magazine before taking my position at church.  Doing a bit of online editing for a national publishing company provides some supplemental income that I can put straight toward baby expenses — not to mention sharpen my skills on something I love to do. ;)


Thank you for continuing to pray!  We love you all and hope that we can continue to keep you informed and engaged in this journey we’re on toward adoption.  We will not really get any “updates” during the waiting phase.  When we get the call (which could still be a while to go, but hopefully not), it means we’ve been chosen by a birthmother.  So at that point, it then just depends on how far along she is in her pregnancy.  It could be another couple months after that or just a couple days!  It all just depends, and there is no way to know, but we are continuing to trust in God’s timing.  Knowing that the point isn’t as much for us to “find a baby” but to be used as a part of God’s plan to be a forever family for a child who was given a second chance at life.  To be part of that special person’s life who has made an incredibly brave choice.  And to be parents — raising a disciple of Christ.

Thank you for being our community!



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