When you begin to hear something from all kinds of places — something that becomes a consistent and noticeable pattern, intersecting your life in more ways than one — you can probably say it’s what you’re “learning” right now.  Even when you’re not necessarily looking for it.

I’m running into the concept of hospitality lately, from all kinds of places — and by that I mean everywhere.  But it goes beyond the gracious host.  It’s about being positioned to welcome, to be welcoming in the unplanned and the unordered…

I’m learning that hospitality isn’t so much about being a good cook and having extra room in a spotless home.  It is about being open to — even expecting — interruptions.  Living a life that is “ok” with being interrupted puts us in a posture of hospitality that welcomes people — not people’s thoughts of us.  Even more than having an open home (which is important), it’s about having a heart that is open.

I don’t know that means for you or what it could look like.  Certainly fostering and adoption warrants big space in the hospitality arena and having an open home.  But even beyond that — what does it mean to live a lifestyle of hospitality?  In friendships, in generosity, in times of need?  Welcoming others, expecting interruptions in life…  The key isn’t having it all together; it’s being open.

Life is so FULL of interruptions, wanted or unwanted.  And so what does it look like to remain open to God?  How do we remain open (even hospitable) to His entering our lives in the unplanned, the unordered — the unexpected?

“Almighty God of love, be welcomed in this place…”

We all have the choice to say no room in the inn.  I hope I can put aside the “perfect” spaces in my life and realize this more clearly.  To know each day, foremost, that the first room to de-clutter is the room I make in my heart…



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