Benefit for Baby Glenham

Hi, everyone!  I haven’t written in what seems like a really long time… I apologize for that!  I know that many of you might be wondering or have even asked, so I just wanted to give an update on where we are at this point.  Especially when we’ve just had a really special day take place!

The fund-raiser for our adoption on Saturday was a great success!!!


We have so many thanks to give and not enough words to use…  First and foremost, we want to thank my aunt, Marie Pruden, for putting it on.  She was incredibly generous to donate her time, efforts, talents, and all the proceeds from her day of workshops and lessons at Wind Drift Farm on September 26th.


“Aunt Ree” is a Parelli instructor and an extremely talented horsewoman, whose knowledge and exhibition of natural horsemanship was a benefit not just to the riders involved but to everyone in attendance.  I know we learned a ton!!  I never stop learning from my aunt, and we were so blessed to see her in action — using her gifts to help us welcome in the newest member of our family-to-be.  The whole day was just such a blast.

We also have to thank everyone who came and supported the event, the riders who participated, and everyone who donated.  Special thanks go to my sister who coordinated the awesome meal and did so much behind the scenes… she is such a blessing in SO many ways!  Our nephew James even came decked out in his cowboy gear to support his soon-to-be cousin. :)


















Other than our initial fund-raising website, we really haven’t held any physical events to raise funds for our adoption.  This benefit was a first and was completely offered up by my aunt.  It turned out to be a HUGE help as we look to paying our final amount to our agency upon placement.  Even more than the monies raised, the fellowship that took place and the conversations had were an incredible encouragement to us.

As of right now, we are still in the “waiting period.”  Which means it could happen any day!  Or it could still be a long time.  Thank you for your prayers as we continue to trust, be patient, and just be faithful in the waiting…  God gets all the glory for the timing that He already knows!  Please keep the birthmother in your prayers as well, a person we don’t yet know, who might not even be pregnant yet, but whom we know will have a lot of challenges to face… We look forward to seeing who God brings into our life in this way, both biological parent(s) and baby.

Thank you all so very much!



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