Life Lately

Hey, friends!

I thought I would share a few updates with you…

As far as the adoption process itself, right now we are still in the waiting phase.  There is no “waiting list” or certain number of people ahead of us.  We are just waiting to get a call that says an expectant mother has chosen us after seeing our profile book.  You will definitely know when we get “the call,” and once that happens, the amount of time until we bring home the baby will depend on how far along the birthmother is in her pregnancy — it could be two months or two days!

So, as we wait…

I wanted to first of all give an update on the quilt!  We have officially closed down the fund-raising page that we had up for a long time.  The amount of money we have raised is over $20,000!!!  That is ALL GOD and His incredible provision!!!  We can’t thank you enough for donating ANY amount and for your prayers.

Specifically for those of you who donated $100 or more, if you’ll remember, you were called Quilt Square Donors.  This means you will have a square in your honor on the handmade quilt that is going in the baby’s nursery, representing many of the people who helped bring him or her home.  It is going to be such a special, tangible item of love that my sister is involved with getting started and making.  We have determined the size of the quilt, now that we know how many people wanted a square, and other details about the quilt are starting to come together as well (size of the squares, fabric choices, etc.).  We can’t wait to share this with you!  I will be getting you a card that you can write a note and/or verse of scripture on that will go in a scrapbook to correspond with the quilt… anything you would like to say to our little-one-to-be. :)

We recently celebrated our four-year anniversary!!  Since Trey and I have known each other for 10 years and have been together for nine, somehow celebrating “four years” seemed like a small number… and in other ways, it seemed like maybe only two years had passed since the wedding!  Time flies!!  We had a really nice dinner downtown on the balcony of a restaurant called Riverboat Landing – a place special to us for several reasons.




Then on Saturday we enjoyed a nice day in Southport, having lunch by the water, walking around, and going in a couple shops.  It was a beautiful day!!!  Every third Saturday in October — including and ever since our wedding day — has had the most perfect weather; summer’s heat is cooling down, but it’s still really nice and pleasant, and not at all humid.  (I’m telling you, if you’re getting married in the Wilmington area, this is the time to do it!)



Celebrating four years this week, it’s crazy to think that two years ago was the date we had set aside to start talking about starting a family…  We knew we wanted two years of marriage “just us,” and that two-year-anniversary talk led to researching adoption agencies as we prayed through whether or not to try biologically first.  Although we could have pursued that route, it turned out that God was calling us to adopt as our Plan A; you can read the full story here (part 1) and here (part 2).

It was also fun reminiscing our two-year anniversary trip to California!  I’m so glad I wrote a recap on my old blog two years ago to capture those memories (see the post here).  How funny that I was considering it somewhat of a “babymooon”… guess we’re still on it! ;)


Two weekends ago we had a great time visiting my sister, her husband, and our two nephews.  They are incredibly special to us, and we absolutely love the privilege of watching their family grow.  Not only did we both have incredible parents ourselves growing up (and now), but as adults Trey and I learn a LOT from watching Sarah and Brad as parents.  And we really enjoy the aunt-and-uncle bond we get to have with the boys – there is nothing like it!

I got there on Thursday in time to surprise my oldest nephew at his soccer game, which was really fun.  Since Trey came a day later than me because of work, my sister and I got to take the boys hiking at Raven Rock state park, just us and them.  It was really fun being out there getting adventurous with them… mom and aunt can get dirty, too! ;)  The next day was the annual Farmers Day parade in the town where they live, a tradition in its 102nd year.  I love that the boys get to grow up with that!  Here are a few pics from the weekend…

Soccer game:


Raven Rock state park:

RavenRock1 RavenRock2 RavenRock3 RavenRock4 RavenRock5 RavenRock6 RavenRock7 RavenRock8

Farmers Day parade:


All in all, life lately has been pretty good.  We are still preparing in some ways and staying busy with a lot of other things… but the current underneath it all takes us each day closer to the next season that God is preparing for us.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!




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