I want to start this post by recognizing that I do know newborn babies do not need a fully completed nursery (or even a nursery at all)… I’ve heard it said so many times, and I know it by what I’ve seen around the world.  But as it nears completion, our nursery actually serves a very different purpose — but more on that later.

First… some pics of what we’ve got going on in here so far!!

(Feel free to click the photos to enlarge.)

Here is a shot of the nursery as you first walk in:


When I first saw this on Etsy, I knew that I wanted it for our nursery… “Dream Big, Little One.”


I haven’t yet decided if I want to remove the banner from behind the frame or move both banners up above it.  I’m not worried about it for now… I am totally ok with works in progress. ;)


The wall on the other side of the room is where we put the bookcase my dad built (the Scrabble tiles are his work as well, while my sister did the etching!).  What’s on the shelves are another work in progress:



My glider and new pillow. :)


You can add these to your cutest-things-I’ve-ever-seen list…!



The stars in this frame were hand-crocheted by Trey’s grandmother, Virginia Glenham.  It was given to us at one of our showers (yes – there were many tears).


Books galore!  Spot any favorites?


Diaper bag all ready to go!


My dad is also making us a changing table like the one in this bottom photo, and I am going to hang this pallet art (pictured on the floor in this top shot) above it… so kind of like this:


And the banner of ribbons that guests at one of my showers wrote scripture verses on will find a new, special place soon as well.


In the meantime, someone is keeping this seat warm. :)


Again, I very much realize that you don’t need all of this stuff when you bring a baby into your home… the jogging stroller, the video monitor with extra camera, the pack-n-play: these things are all [wonderful] luxuries.  But there are several things I also know:

1.  We are so grateful.  There are so many loving, thoughtful, generous gifts in this nursery that don’t just make up “stuff” but instead represent the love and community this baby has already by the gracious giving of others.  We want to honor that — and we appreciate them more than words can say.

2.  This nursery is something I can “do” while we wait.  While we compared the paperwork process to our “doctor visits,” the nursery is now something for me to focus on to keep everything seeming “real” — there is no physically growing belly to remind me that a baby is really coming, that this is really happening.  But washing brand-new bottles, setting up a monitor, lining shelves… THAT means something’s comin’! ;)

3.  The best part of all is that this is not even a nursery right now.  It’s a prayer room.  Many, many adoptive couples decide not to go ahead and make a nursery when they become a waiting family.  I can understand that completely, and I highly respect that decision.  Often, it is just too difficult to walk by a daily reminder of what you don’t yet have.  Sometimes, I can feel a tinge of that myself.  But this room serves a different purpose while we wait: a sanctuary, a special place set aside to pray for the baby, to pray for the birthmother, to pray for all the babies in the world in need of homes, to pray for adoptive couples on the brink of making the decision to adopt, to pray for mentors in our baby’s life, to pray for our upcoming decisions, to pray for ourelves as parents, our baby’s future spouse… the list goes on and on and on…  What better way to use this extra room in our home than to fill it with prayers before we settle a baby into its prayer-filled, albeit chevron-printed abode. :)


I can walk into this room and not feel sad, but hopeful.  Feel at peace.  Of course He hears our prayers no matter from where we lift them.  For me right now, this nursery is that place.  And it fulfills many purposes.  One day — far or soon — it will be the welcome-home for a little one whose true home we know belongs in the heart of Jesus.